Leslie Farkas – April 2018 First Sunday

The First Sunday Speaker for April 2018 is Leslie Farkas who frst visited Swami in 1989. His mother Veronica was already an ardent devotee, but Leslie was very skeptical and not sure what to think.

It was on his third trip in 1992, when he was fnally ready to surrender, that his whole life was transformed by the miracle of Swami’s Love. His visit that was to last 6 months, turned into a 5 year divine odyssey in the physical presence of the Lord. Leslie was blessed with numerous interviews and Swami’s close personal attention, and he was asked to run the Western canteen with his mother. In the last year of his fve year stay, Swami asked Leslie to speak to visiting devotees as a Public Relations Ofcer. In 1997 he returned to the USA, where he continues to speak about his experiences with Swami. Leslie has been working as a Mechanical/Electrical Engineer in the medical, electric transportation, aerospace and scientifc felds. He lives in Ventura, California with his wife Yukari and his 18 year old son Sarathi.


Leslie Farkas – April 2018 First Sunday from Sathya Sai Region 8 USA on Vimeo