Brief History of the
Sathya Sai Baba Center of Lower Puna

Located on the East or wet side (we get about 170″ of rain a year) of the Big Island of Hawaii, our center got started in the late 80’s. At that time the meetings were held in Hilo at a devotee’s home and we only met once every couple of months. Like so many other budding centers ours was small and bhajan leaders few so we sang our Love to Sai with the aid of bhajan tapes. In the mid 90’s we took the big step and some of us decided to let the tapes fade away (they were getting too moldy anyway) and lead the bhajans ourselves. We haven’t had to use tapes or c.d.’s since.

Wanting to have meetings on a weekly basis a couple living in Leilani Estates, Pahoa area, offered their home. A puja room was constructed in 2003 and meetings began on a regular weekly basis. We now meet every Thursday evening at 7:00 and offer a public meeting one Sunday a month.

Our island is very large (all the other islands can fit into this one) and our members are spread out; some living as far as 2 hours away. Consequently our center remains small. We usually have only 4 or 5 attending the Thursday meetings but sometimes as many as 14 at the Sunday gathering.

For service activities we do very little as a group. We have done yard work for a house bound lady and have entertained nursing home patients with our singing a number of times but that was about it. Mostly, we are available to anyone anytime we are asked. Some of us are asked a lot.

Individually and collectively we continue to strive to put Swami’s teachings into practice in our daily lives. We are so very grateful to have Him in our lives.

All visitors and new comers are always welcome.

– Judith Last