The Sathya Sai Baba Center of Upland had a wonderful last quarter, as the holiday season provided many opportunities to serve our local community. For starters, the Center adopted two needy families for Christmas and fulfilled their wish lists; items included shoes, pants/shirts, toiletries, towels, and bedding.

One family was composed of a mother and her son, while the second family was a mother and her daughter. It was heart-breaking to see that their wish lists were all daily needs, but especially heart-warming to see them happy.

We celebrated Christmas with lively carols sung by SSE students, as well as a play presentation of “Follow Thought, Word, and Deed,” written by Swami. Ongoing projects, such as making sandwiches and feeding the homeless on every second Sunday, as well as providing hot meals for a battered woman’s shelter on every third Sunday, have continued with full enthusiasm. The Center also collects clothes and non-perishable foods on a monthly basis for the organization of Pomona Valley Churches. Devotees have invested themselves wholeheartedly in these service activities.

The Upland Center had a blast last quarter, and looks forward to many more chances to serve our community through Him.

Report by Shanta Dandappanavar