Devotion Overview

Sathya Sai Centers form the core of the organization. Members meet weekly to sing devotional songs, to study the writings of Sai Baba and those of the great world religions, and to organize service projects. The end goal is for all to gain a greater understanding of their own innate divinity and that the essence of religion and spirituality is unconditional universal love. Baba says that “There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one language, the language of the heart. There is only one race, the race of humanity. There is only one God, who is omnipresent.” By meeting regularly with like-minded people, the spiritual journey is sustained and made more enjoyable.

Group Devotional Singing

Singing the Lord’s name should become an exercise in mutual sharing of joy and holiness. – Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 19 Ch. 24

The devotional session consists of singing in two styles – unison and lead-response. In the lead-response style, a lead singer sings each line which is followed in response by the group. By the act of group devotional singing, one feels closer to his/her inner self or God while singing aloud the name or glory of God. It is the process of singing that originates from the heart, not the lips or tongue. It is the expression of the joyous thrill that wells from one’s heart when the glory of God is remembered. For more information on Group Devotional Singing

Study Circle

What is a study circle? It is not just reading books. “Circle, study circle” means taking a point and each person discussing what is the meaning of the point to them. Like a round-table conference. Each person gives their point of view, and finally, values are derived from this. If there is just reading, there is doubt. But if each one gives his view, doubts will be answered. The topic is viewed; the study circle looks at different facets. It is like a diamond with its different facets, but there is one facet that is flat, the top facet, and from this, all can be viewed. To discover the top facet is the task of the study circle.

Swami’s talks may be taken, or other scriptures.

Take a point. Have everyone think about it and discuss it, and come to the final point where doubt is decreased. If only one person reads, there will be only one meaning. All misunderstandings, all points of view – after these are brought out, the study circle members will get confidence. There is no doubt of this.

If each one only reads, this may go on for a year or two, then an allergy to reading develops.

Centers must have study circles in this way, and none will note the passage of time. Each one listens eagerly and many will give their point of view. The Bible, the Koran, the Gita, Swami’s books may be used. What is wanted is a study circle; rotating. Each one must be given a chance.”

Conversations with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by Dr. John S Hislop

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Sathya Sai Speaks

Sathya Sai Speaks: Discourses
by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(translated into English)
Volume 01 (1953-1960)  Volume 15 (1981-1982) Volume 29 (1996)
Volume 02 (1961-1962) Volume 16 (1983) Volume 30 (1997)
Volume 03 (1963) Volume 17 (1984) Volume 31 (1998)
Volume 04 (1964) Volume 18 (1985) Volume 32 (1999)
Volume 05 (1965) Volume 19 (1986) Volume 33 (2000)
Volume 06 (1966) Volume 20 (1987) Volume 34 (2001)
Volume 07 (1967) Volume 21 (1988) Volume 35 (2002)
Volume 08 (1968) Volume 22 (1989) Volume 36 (2003)
Volume 09 (1969) Volume 23 (1990) Volume 37 (2004)
Volume 10 (1970) Volume 24 (1991) Volume 38 (2005)
Volume 11 (1971-1972) Volume 25 (1992) Volume 39 (2006)
Volume 12 (1973-1974) Volume 26 (1993) Volume 40 (2007)
Volume 13 (1975-1977) Volume 27 (1994) Volume 41 (2008)
Volume 14 (1978-1980) Volume 28 (1995) Volume 42 (2009)