Brief overview of the Sathya Sai Baba Center on Maui

Our group of regular attendees is very small, but extremely harmonious. Maui has residential areas that are spread out and not everyone can make it every time. Often we only have 5 persons attending our once a month satsang.

We usually meet first Saturday of the month at 1:30 PM, unless too many of us are out of town. We go for quality, not quantity; and often have an extremely profound sharing. We also sing a few bhajans, do the Gayatri , vibuthi and other prayers. We often study Sathya Sai literature and sometimes offer prayers on global healing.

We each volunteer on our own, due to everyones schedule, and living so far apart. These services include physical therapy, free help at an elementary school, at the hospital, a nursing home, friends of the library, and an individual senior. Plus some of us are training through Hospice.
If you are visiting Maui for a vacation, please join us ! Or even just call to say hello and meet us individually sometime if you like. We always love to meet others that love Sathya Sai !

Deva Ann Chappelle – President