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Om Sai Ram

We have been meeting for many years and most enjoy our times together. Occasionally we have guests visiting from the mainland. Since we are a very small group, and live spread out from each other, we combine devotional singing with study and mantras, all in one Satsang.

Maui is a very cosmic place and there have been many prophecies connected to this little island in the Pacific. Aloha is just like saying Sai Ram…..

Center Timings

First Friday of the month, in Haiku, at 1 pm.

Contact Information

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Phone: Deva – 808-281-0081
Email: Deva – [email protected]

Devotional Program

Bhajans and Study Circle are combined.

Service Activities

Two of our members have visited Puttaparthi and also a London center this past year. We have had a lot of very meaningful discussions in our monthly meetings. Our volunteer work continues to happen on an individual basis. This is due to everyone’s schedule, and living so far apart. These volunteer services include physical therapy, free help at an elementary school, at the hospital, a nursing home, friends of the library, support groups and food to the homeless. We feel fulfilled in helping when we can…..