Interfaith Public Meeting – First Sunday April 2017

We were very fortunate to host a special Interfaith Public Meeting on April, 2nd, 2017 (First Sunday), at the Ebell Club in Santa Ana.

A panel of spiritual leaders represented six world religions and discussed the topic of Love and Service joined by our special guest speaker/chair, Dato Jagadeesan from Malaysia, who serves as the lead for the Interfaith Subcommittee of the Sathya Sai International Organization. Brother Jagadeesan has organized numerous multi-faith activities in many countries.

The panel members were as follows:
BUDDHISM – Venerable Sumitta Thero – Founder – President of UWest Pali Society, Los Angeles

CHRISTIANITY – Rev. Dr. Susan Chamberlain – President, Interfaith Council of Central Orange County

HINDUISM – Acharya Mahadevan – Secretary of Chinmaya Mission, Southern California

JUDAISM – Rabbi Arthur Perles – Doctor of Divinity in Jewish Studies, Seminary of Biblical Studies, Corona

ISLAM – Imam Malik Mahmood – Missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

ZOROASTRIANISM – Mobed Zarrir Bhandara – Senior priest of the Zoroastrian Association of California

We were also joined by Rev. Laura Lofoia Ava-Tesimale, Founder & President of One Global Family Foundation, and the Councils of Interfaith & Indigenous Women-Youth.  Laura also serves in multiple interfaith and diversity groups, including the Interfaith Advisory Council for the LA & OC Sheriff’s Departments.

We have invited devotees from all faiths to join us as a community engagement project to serve the impoverished at one of our regional service projects in July 2017.