Sathya Sai
Pacific Region South
Hawaii, Nevada, and California

Region 8 Sai Conference “Heart to Heart”
September 5-6, 2015

Guest Speakers: Dr. Shashank Shah and Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandam

The regional conference will be held at the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center in Baldwin Park, California. The conference will also feature workshops on topics that are relevant to everyday life. Exciting, Inspiring and Interactive!

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This year Region 8 USA will be represented at Guru Poornima celebrations and the SSE Conference 2015 in Prashanthi Nilayam by a group from Glendale, Arcadia and other centers that will join another group from Region 2 USA.

The Devoteeā€™s will be joining together as a choir and presenting devotional songs from multiple faiths. In addition from Region 8 will be the SSE from Glendale which includes some families from other centers as well. The groups will be performing in the afternoon or evening of August 1st.

People are engaged in exploring space but do not make the slightest effort to explore the Divine within. Of what use are experiments in space when there is no genuine cultivation of human qualities and the practice of basic virtues such as acting in reverence with the mother, the father and the preceptor? People today are living in human form but are filled with beastly qualities! Scriptures declare that people can attain immortality only by renunciation (tyaga) and not through actions, wealth or progeny. What must be renounced? Renounce your bad qualities. To manifest your inherent divine nature, cultivate love for God and fear of sin and adherence to right conduct (sangha niti). When you fear sin and love God, you cannot indulge in immoral acts, automatically ensuring morality in society. God can be known only by experience and not by experiments. Hence follow your chosen spiritual practices diligently and sincerely. (Divine Discourse, 5 June 1994)